Old Kramer Hockeystick Banana Neck Esp Vintage Baretta

Kramer 1977 650G Electric Guitar
Kramer 1977 650G Electric Guitar
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 16311805426726340 Old Kramer Hockeystick Banana Neck Esp Vintage Baretta

Really, really nice neck!  Original Kramer neck, ESP made. 1983 or 1984.  Nice chunky C profile.  Think Eddie's red guitar.  Nicest Kramer necks are from this era.  The only one I've ever seen.  Very hard to find these for sale on their own.  Original Floyd nut still attached and with retainer.  First variation production run neck.  Headstock face painted over semi-professionally in a teal blue turquoise color.  There are no breaks, truss rod works fine, frets are excellent.  Neck is not tweaked or bowed but straight, ready to adjust.  Never incorrectly stored or abused.  Tuners and some areas of wood have some scuffs which could be buffed out.  No date markings.  Nice ding at butt end can be seen in pics but it's not major.  No re-finishing ever performed.  Looks to have been used very little and was probably removed from body at some early point and never re-attached.  Light surface scratches and scuffs.  Nothing hidden!  Again, there are NO breaks or cracks anywhere and it's in really good shape.  Beautiful chunk of maple!  Fretboard and frets are in beautiful shape.  Please feel free to ask any questions!  Thanks for looking!  Make me an offer!  Free shipping in US!

 16311805426726341 Old Kramer Hockeystick Banana Neck Esp Vintage Baretta

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